Welcome to Energy Care

Energy Care is a Drogheda based consultancy firm specialising in renewable energy projects.  The company is dedicated to the development of renewable energy through the creation of wind power projects throughout Ireland and abroad.  

It is common knowledge that Ireland has vast, unexploited wind energy resources.  Our location on the western cusp of Europe provides an ideal location from which to harness the wind created from the powerful Atlantic frontal systems that flow across the country.  It is intended to provide sufficient wind power to supply the requirements of the national grid and to export surplus electricity generated through the Irish Sea inter-connector to the British market.


The development of wind energy in Ireland will provide many benefits to the country including:

Securing the country’s future energy supply

Reducing the reliance on fossil fuel imports

Increasing the potential for the exportation of wind energy

Increasing foreign investment into Ireland

Creation of employment

Decreasing atmospheric and local pollution

Reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced

Meeting E.U. and Kyoto Protocol targets therefore avoiding financial penalties.